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plastic vs cardboard

Did you know?

  1. On average Plastic Bins save you 30% of the cost of purchasing cardboard boxes to pack the same amount of contents.
  2. Plastic bins also save you over half the amount of packing time, as boxes are fully assembled and do not require taping, and do not have to be taken apart once emptied.
  3. Plastic Bins are stronger, sturdier, and more affordable. Also, they can withstand more weight and contents compared to cardboard boxes.
  4. The average household requires 50-70 cardboard boxes to move.
  5. Over 43 million people move in North America each year, and moving and relocating has come under scrutiny for the amount of waste it produces.
  6.  Homeowners see cardboard as “eco-friendly”, but when compared to plastic over a long period of time paper products require far more energy to produce.
  7.  On average about 80 lbs of cardboard weight in total will be used on a standard move.
  8.  Cardboard requires a great deal of tree life in order to make paper, which is then pressed together (along with glues and other materials) to make cardboard.
  9.  If 200 people per month used reusable plastic bins instead of cardboard, over eight tons of paper per month, and 96 tons of paper would be saved each year. Direct savings would be: 1,632 trees, 7,584 gallons of oil, 672,000 gallons of water, 4,000,000 Kw of energy, 5,760 gallons of air pollution and 288 cubic yards of landfill space.
  10.  Approximately 18-25 percent of cardboard boxes end up in dumps and landfills. The remaining amount still requires a great deal of water and energy to be recycled.
  11.  Plastic Bins still require resources, but the biggest difference is that the Plastic Bins can be used from 400 to 600 times before being recycled, compared to cardboard boxes that can get on average 2 or 3 uses.
  12.  It takes about 50 times more water to recycle cardboard than it does to recycle plastic.

Now you know!

By using Plastic Bins you are saving more time, which in turn saves more money making the moving process more affordable and convenient. There is no longer a need to purchase cardboard, collect different sized boxes, or going through rolls of tape. The convenience of a standard size, stackable, and light weight Plastic Bin can help your moving process be a smooth and easy one.

Thanks Turtle Bins!